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Our bar

This is the place where you can meet wonderful people. It’s where you can go for good conversation and a hearty laugh. Stories are told, and friendships are made. You’ll have plenty to talk about here.

There is often a lot going on at our bar. We make sure of that. Whether in the afternoon with a refreshing Radler (beer and lemonade) or a delicious homemade cake or in the evening with a nice glass of wine – there is always an occasion to get together at the bar.

A special highlight is our new lounge. It’s not just the drink list that’s exciting, the ambience is too. Your gaze wanders down to the pool, lingers on the golden sculptures, and then returns to the chic Alpine-style lounge. It’s lively but not loud. It’s chic yet laid-back.

Open daily until even the most energetic guests get tired!

Shaken or stirred – however you like it
The chic ambience and exciting drinks aside
the real stars here are the ones behind the bar. When serving the drinks, our staff always have a friendly smile and a few kind words for our guests.
Our incredible staff
Come to enjoy the sun