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What we’re NOT

Normally people would talk about how great the pool is, the unique view, the fantastic food, and the wonderful location – but we’ve chosen a slightly more unorthodox approach…

…because here we will tell you about the things you won’t find with us!

We are not overcrowded;
we’re small, familiar, and easy-going.

We are not a luxury resort;
we offer relaxing wellness moments on a smaller scale.

We are not fussy;
we’re relaxed, laid-back, and up for all kinds of fun.

We are not a tourist hotspot;
we’re more of an insider tip for mountain lovers.

We are not your average hotel;
we’re detail-obsessed and put our heart and soul into everything we do.

We are not an all-inclusive hotel,
but we satisfy our guests with special inclusive services.

We are not entertainers;
we give our guests the freedom to arrange their holiday according to their wishes.

Adventure begins where plans end
The Psenner family are the ones behind it all
Now that you know what we’re not, it’s high time to find out who and what we are.
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