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Our hotel near Sterzing has been family-run for generations

Things that the “seniors” built up a long time ago are now being developed with new ideas. We always stay true to our roots and at the same time reinvent ourselves again and again.

All the staff who work hard at our hotel near Sterzing are specialists when it comes to your holiday. Because we know the mountains like the back of our hands and how to inspire and surprise you with fantastic food. Because hospitality is in our blood, and we love freedom. Because we put our hearts and souls into your holiday, and we are experts in what we do. For us, there is nothing better than seeing you smile!
We love life – and it runs in the family
The kind soul of the hotel
She’s never in a bad mood and is always motivated, always working, and always has something nice to say. She makes sure that everything runs smoothly.
Alfons and his son Max
The magicians in the kitchen
Are responsible for what ends up on your plate. And without wanting to brag, they do it really, really well. Their culinary creations make every evening something truly special!
Daughter Hannah and “little” Alex
Are also known as the all-rounders. The two agree that the best thing about the summer holidays is that they can spend more time at the hotel
Hannah makes the most delicious cakes and desserts while Alex shows off his bartending skills – one of the most important tasks in the hotel (as he always highlights).
Mum Waltraud and father Karl
Also known as the “seniors”. They are the ones who laid the foundation for the Ratschingserhof, making all this possible in the first place.
Karl still takes a weekly hike to the Jägerhütte mountain hut. He has a gift of making friends out of strangers. Meanwhile, Waltraud takes care of our guests’ physical well-being. She makes sure that salads and herbs are replenished and regularly spoils the guests with freshly baked bread, the most precious treat of all.