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The wine cellar at Ratschingserhof

Once a week, the cellar comes alive. It’s not just a nice place – it’s also interesting and informative. A wine tasting with Helga is always an unforgettable experience.

At least that’s what our guests say. Helga tells stories about fine wines, accompanied by South Tyrolean wines: juicy, racy, and crisp – just how she likes it. You can see her expertise and enthusiasm for wine and the South Tyrolean wine culture in the twinkle in her eye (and not just after a glass or two). Each tasting event is an absolute highlight for our guests, thanks to the wonderful ambience in the rustic wine cellar.
Have a good glass of wine…
Red – white – rosé?
There are so many wines out there – luckily, Helga knows the good ones and what they pair well with. She is happy to recommend the right wine to go with your meal or take you on a wine journey through South Tyrol during the tasting.