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Back massage                                                      25 min.                      40.- €

Relieves back and neck related tension.


Legs treatment                                                   25 min.                      40.- €

After workout relief for tired legs.


Abdominal massage                                             25 min.                     40.- €

An abdominal massage to stimulate digestion and reduce stress related digestive issues like gas by treating the digestive system. It generates a cleansing and  detoxifying effect.


Full body massage                                              50 min.                   61.- €

A classic and relaxing full body massage  to invigorate body and soul.  It relieves muscular tension, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the functions of the skin  and circulation. Perfect to rejuvenate yourself.


Sports massage                                                  50 min.                      63.- €

A head-to-toe massage that targets on losening back and legs muscles that are stimulated and relaxed to detox and generate an  overall sense of relief.


Spinal massage                                                  50 min.                      64.- €

This special spinal massage losens lower back, neck and shoulders muscles. The painful areas, are treated with a gentle pressure relieving  muscle tensions.


Feet massage                                      25 min.                      40.- €

The foot, a it is said, is the mirror of the body and  is also directly connected to the soul. This massage concentrates on the different areas of the sole of the foot and has an effect on the entire body. Through the stimulation of specific areas, cardiovascular system, immune, hormonal and lymphatic systems are stimulated with positive results.


Massage mix                                                   50 min.                      63.- €

Back massage combined with reflexology treatment loosens the muscles and  guarantees a complete head-to-toe stimulation, including the immune, lymphatic and hormonal systems.


Salt massage                                                   25 min.                      40.- €

A salt back massage  which has an excellent cleansing effect and contributes to remove toxins. Salt crystals eliminate the dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling softer and fresh.


Facial care treatment                                     50 min.                      72.- €

It stimulates the flow of the blood, relieves tension and relaxes the muscles . Exfoliation and skin cleansing  will donate a fresh and relaxed tone to your skin.


Aromatic oil massage                                      50 min.                      65.- €

The aromatic oil massage uses ethereal oils extracted from flowers, fruits and leaves. These precious aromatic balms are slowly absorbed by the skin during the massage, stimulating nervous as well as lymphatic system and circulation while the pleasant fragrance positively influences the senses and mind.


Total relax                                                      50 min.                      61.- €

Leg massage – facial massage – gentle massage of the back.
As a gentle massaging of these areas, especially the legs and face, can get you a great relaxing effect, we have created  this combination especially for you, so that you can dedicate yourselves a special moment.


Hot stone massage (new)                                         75 min.                      82.- €

A deep relaxation massage with warm basalt stones and precious essential oils associated with each chakra point. This massage allows the experience of a feeling of harmony after a period of physical or mental stress. A gift for yourself or for someone special.